Forum: for promoting 3-19 comprehensive education

for-coverI am joint editor, with Patrick Yarker, of the journal Forum.  Forum was founded in 1958 by Professor Brian Simon.

The journal appears three times a year – it is not peer-reviewed. Rather it aims to carry a broad range of articles by teachers and academics.  Not being peer-reviewed ensures articles can be published quickly and the journal is an excellent source of sharp analysis of current developments in education policy.

The journal relies on subscriptions.  However all articles over 3 years old are available by open access.  The Journal has recently converted all past journal content (back to the first issue) to an online format.  This is a tremendous archive, with open access via the journal’s website.

Forum organises the annual Brian Simon memorial lecture, in honour of the journal’s founding editor.  These lectures are reproduced in the journal and available immediately by open access.

Forum has always been a journal aimed at teachers – and with a mix of teacher and academic contributors.  If you wish to contribute an article, or discuss a potential contribution, then please contact me via

The journal has a blogsite and a facebook page.

You can follow Forum on twitter @forum3to19.

Blogposts on this site are tagged Forum.




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