About me . . .

photo3I work in the School of Education at the University of Nottingham.

This blogsite is an effort to represent my work in a slightly more personal, and flexible, way than university websites typically allow. Hopefully it is also more engaging, and if there are aspects of my work on here that interest you, please get in touch.

My official ‘work website’ is here. This site site has full details of my publications and research projects.

Alternatively you can check my OrcidID.

This site is intended as a broader presentation of some specific aspects of my work, and work-related, activities. In recent years my research has focused on the activities of those who are engaged in working for more public and democratic forms of education. I hope this site reflects how I do that.

The site is organised as a combination of projects‘ and ‘blogposts‘.  This site isn’t really a ‘blog’ in the traditional sense – most of the blogs here are simply intended as accounts of things I am involved in. I do write more conventional blogs for other outlets and those blogs/newspaper articles etc are all here.

Hopefully this site, with its combination of projects and blogposts, represents what I’m doing rather better than my official university site.  I am not presenting this material in a way that makes any claim to offer definitive answers. That said, if you are interested in the questions that I am asking, then by all means get in touch.  As I say, if there is something that interests you, or you want to get involved, please email me at howard.stevenson@nottingham.ac.uk. ‘Co-production’ can be an over-used term, but it does capture what I believe in, what I hope this site reflects, and the way I like to work.

I have a developing interest, although not a developing talent, in photography.  As many of the pictures I take offer a visual representation of issues presented on this site I have included my Flickr albums here. As far as possible the photographs on this site have been taken by me.